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November 13, 2017

2017 Local 587 Elections Concluded:

Our IAMAW Local 587, 2017 local elections held on October 15 with a run-off election for Shop Committee on November 12 have concluded;

The October election resulted in Alberico Soares (47 votes) and Anthony Piermont (30 votes) winning the 1st and 2nd spot on Shop Committee. The remaining Shop Committee seat and 1st alternate seat were subject to a run-off election due to a tie between Joe Silva and Steve Sanfillippo (27 votes each). 

The November run-off election resulted in Joe Silva winning the remaining Shop Committee seat and Steve Sanfilippo getting the 1st alternate position. Jay Condon will be 2nd alternate.

There was a total of 60 ballots submitted in each election with voids.

On behalf of the local, thank you to all who took part in the October election.

 You can view the ballots Here 

Please consider donating to the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League. The MNPL supports Democratic, Republican, or Independent candidates who stand for economic justice, security in the workplace and equality for every member.


If you want to help, you can make a one-time or weekly donation through payroll deductions. To authorize MNPL payroll deductions, stop by the union office or download the form online at www.local587.com/resources.htm in PDF format. Just complete the form and hand it to Lori Banks in Human Resources to enable your support.


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