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On Nov. 24, 2008, Raytheon's Portsmouth facility was designated a "STAR" facility by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for it's participation in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). This award was made possible from the IAM Local 587 membership working with the company to perpetuate an awareness that our people are our most important asset and that good health and safety not only benefits the company and the union, but also our employees and their families.  

The IAM Local 587 leadership is committed to continue this effort to help keep health and safety first and foremost on the mind of every employee so every employee can continue to receive the benefits that comes with good health.

With the winter months coming, please be sure to pay close attention when you’re walking. While injuries due to slips and falls at the plant are reported during all seasons, the risk of falling and causing serious injury is always greater when the winter is upon us.

Remember: Our health is Our most valuable resource.



Regardless of where you are or the nature of the emergency, the one number to remember is 911.

Dialing 911 from the Raytheon campus phone system alerts the Guards, who can then summon the appropriate emergency personnel.

You should  remember, however, that while calling 911 from your cell phone will still get a response team to your emergency, you should also contact the Guard Station at extension 2510 so they can coordinate the fastest mobilization of on and off-campus resources.

If you are outdoors on campus, you can also call from the Emergency Stations posted throughout the campus. This will have the same effect as calling 911 from inside the building.

About Ergonomics:

A good percentage of all recordable injuries are related to ergonomics, resulting from doing a task involving excessive force or poor posture, frequently or for extended periods of time. If you are involved in such a task, please notify your supervisor or Union Official to investigate the procedure.

What to Look For?

  • Think Neutral - Position your work near the midpoint of your range of motion. This position is the most efficient and permits the greatest function and force with the least amount of wear and tear
  • Minimize Force - Neutral positions require the least amount of force and exertion. Use the right tool for the task and for the task for which it was designed.
  • Repetition - The Frequency or duration of the task. Consider your process and eliminate tasks or motions that are not essential. Reduce repetitive tasks or duration of tasks. Take breaks.
  • Adjust - Utilize the adjustability of tools used to promote neutral positions and comfort. Change your position or technique to maintain comfort.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder - Good ergonomics yields increased output with less effort.

The Raytheon Activities Center


The Raytheon Fitness Center in Portsmouth is now open to all pre-screened employees 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, free of charge. 

Because the fitness center is not staffed, cameras have been installed for monitoring by the guards and “Panic Button” lanyards are available to ensure the safety of participants.

To take advantage of the Raytheon fitness center, you must complete a Pre-Physical Activity Screening Form and an Unattended Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. You can visit Joan Westgate or Sandy Steadman at the Health Center in Building 2 to obtain and complete the forms. All information provided is confidential. You can also download the forms below, but they still have to be subnitted to the Health Center.

 RAC forms and applications:

Raytheon Fitness Center Unattended Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.pdf
Raytheon Fitness Center PreActivity Clearance Agreement.pdf




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